CPR Module for REALITi360 Patient Monitor Simulators

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Unique to REALITi360, the CPR module provides trainees with detailed real-time visual feedback on CPR quality. The rate, depth and release of each compression is captured with the CPR sensor. All of this information is clearly displayed in real time and shown on the dashboard, depending on the defibrillator. CPR reports can easily be generated from the REALITi360 Patient Monitor App
The CPR module comes with the activation of the CPR feature in REALITi360. The hardware functions with the system in 3 ways:

  • The system can be worn on the wrist (up to 4 bands)
  • The system can be deployed on the manikin (pluck)
  • The system is placed inside the manikin (bracket)

The following CPR skills are evaluated and reviewed:

  • Comprehensive CPR history: record CPR time, correct and full chest compressions
  • Pressure depth status bar in real time according to pressing depth
  • Pressure posture in real time when compressing the chest
  • Pressure CPR rhythm in real-time when compressing the chest

These CPR skill evaluation reports can be converted to PDF file for e-mailing or printing.
Delivery Content:

  • 2 x CPR sensors
  • 2 x CPR sensor wrist bands
  • 1 x CPR sensor bracket
  • 1 x CPR pad


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