COVID-19 Simulation Resources

This page aims at providing medical professionals and trainers with simulation resources to provide their staff with high quality training and educational resources for dealing with COVID-19 cases. The 3B Scientific Group, including iSimulate and Cardionics, has put together a list of scenarios for monitoring “Coronavirus” patients. We have also included a tutorial on how to use the REALITi patient monitor simulators for distance based learning. In addition, you will find a link to request free access to the auscultation course library SAM Online for remote study.

COVID-19 Simulation Scenarios for Medical Training on Patient Monitors

- Provided by iSimulate

Please note: all users of the REALITi patient monitor simulation system by iSimulate can add these cases to add to their live systems. If you do not own the system, you can still download the REALITi360 patient monitor app free from your app store and add the scenarios, however, with a limited functionality.

The learning cases below are templates and can be edited to fit individual training needs. They are designed to be run as a standalone simulation or as a screen recording to use for online/ LMS discussion and to foster critical thinking conversations.

 All of these COVID-19 simulation scenarios have been developed based on real patient cases.

iSimulate COVID-19 Simulation - Learning Case 1

Mild case, description:

24 YOF presents to the ED/EMS for fever, cough shortness of breath, pleuritic chest pain. States that her mother tested positive ~7 days ago and has been quarantined at home with her and her 9-year-old son. States worsening fevers, muscle ache, frontal headaches, cough causing shortness of breath and the chest pain.

Findings: Continued shortness of breath with cough
Pmhx: anxiety, IBS
Medications: paroxetine, clonazepam, Alosetron
Allergies: NKDA

iSimulate COVID-19 Simulation - Learning Case 2

Moderate case, description:

54 YOF presents to ED/clinic for evaluation of worsening shortness of breath. Patient has been experiencing COVID symptoms for 8 days and is COVID + on outpatient testing.

History: HTN, diverticulitis
Pmhx: anxiety, IBS
Medications: metoprolol, amlodipine, omeprazole, buspirone
Allergies: NKDA

iSimulate COVID-19 Simulation - Learning Case 3

Severe case, description:

73 YOM presents with 2 days of progressive cough and SOB. Staff states he has bad seasonal allergies, which makes his COPD worse. He is has been reluctant for help from staff and has been supplementing with his nebulizer. He called the nurse today unable to speak in full sentences.

Findings: Continued shortness of breath with cough and 2 word sentences.
Pmhx: Seasonal Allergies, COPD, mild hypertension
Medications: Ventolin as needed, budesonide, prednisolone, labetalol, ASA, Multi-vitamin
Allergies: NKDA

iSimulate COVID-19 Simulation - Learning Case 4

Mild case, description:

44 YOF presents with 4 days of progressive cough and SOB. Reports 4 days of fevers and weakness that have since resolved. Significant COVID+ exposure in the ED 5 days ago. Pt is an ED nurse at neighboring ED. Patient presenting to ED 3 days ago for testing however returned due to worsening SOB.

Findings: Continued shortness of breath with cough
Pmhx: None
Medications: None
Allergies: NKDA

Want free iSimulate COVID-19 Scenarios?

Free Resources for Remote Auscultation Training by Cardionics:

Provided by Cardionics

To support the medical education community with tools for quality distance based learning, 3B Scientific and Cardionics have released free access to the online auscultation learning platform “SAM Online”.

Medical students can use the platform to study remotely and teachers and instructors can use it to ask students to train specific skills in auscultation. The sound library includes more than 80 unique sounds (heart, lung, bowel, and bruit) and lesson guides for more than 60 conditions.

Simply sign up below to get your access code. If there is anything else we can support you with, let us know. Stay healthy!

Click to request free account.

3B SMART ANATOMY - Free virtual anatomy models and courses

Provided by 3B Scientific, powered by 3D4Medical Complete Anatomy app

 With the 3B Smart Anatomy courses, you receive access to 23 anatomy lectures, 117 interactive virtual anatomy models and 39 anatomy quizzes to test your learning progress. Access to the anatomy app is usually provided exclusively with the purchase of a 3B Scientific anatomy model. In order to support distance based learning during the coming months, 3B Scientific has unlocked unlimited free accounts for the medical community around the globe. Watch this quick video to preview the content of the app and use the link below to register for your free account.

How to clean your anatomy model

During the past weeks, our Customer Service teams have frequently received questions about the proper cleaning of 3B Scientific® anatomy models. We’ve therefore decided to put together a quick guide for you with some practical recommendations.

3B Scientific® anatomy models are manufactured from the highest quality materials and we only use long lasting colors to finish the anatomical details. Please follow the steps to clean your anatomy model while keeping its parts and paint safe.

Please download your guideline here.

Medical Simulation Network offers additional resources

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare SSH is hosting a series of webinars about simulation and training for COVID-19. Recordings of all past webinars as well as the schedule for planned webinars are available at:

The Society for Simulation in Europe SESAM is also active to support simulation training during the COVID-19 pandemic, their latest webinar can we watched at:

The team of Healthy Simulation has compiled a comprehensive list of training resources for medical simulation during COVID-19 here:

Life In The Fast Lane have also put together a comprehensive page dedicated to COVID-19 airway management: better care through simulation:

Related products for medical training to prepare for COVID-19 patients:

REALITi360 Patient Monitor Simulator App

The REALITi 360 patient monitor simulators by iSimulate mimic branded patient monitors and vital sign monitors to provide a learning tool as close to the reality as possible. The app is available for download in the app store and requires a license to be unlocked. There are currently three simulation systems offered in the REALITi 360 suite: the starter version REALITi GO, the quality version REAILITi PLUS, and the full version with CPR Feedback and Video Debriefing REALITi PRO. All three systems support the new Remote Control Module for distance learning.

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