Why SEM Trainers- Supplier of Medical Manikins and Simulators

Why SEM Trainers & Systems ?

When you buy from  SEM TRAINERS & SYSTEMS You Do Not Buy Just “A Product”.


  • Guaranteed New Manikins Simulators from Reputed USA/Europe/Japanese Brand :s
  • Best Cost Manikins Simulators at the lowest Prices
  • Latest Knowledge-Technology Resources in Medical Simulation
  • Expertise  in Simulation Based Medical Education Methodologies
  • Expertise in Scenario Based Training Methodologies
  • Expertise in Design Guidelines Clinical Skills Laboratories
  • Expertise in Post Sales Workshops-Installation-Demos-Training-Repairs
  • The ONE and ONLY Company in India giving you ALL Manufacturers Simulators under One roof
  • We Guarantee you No Fake Labeling (Using Cheap Manikins)
  • We Guarantee you , No second hand refurbished manikins supplied as “NEW’’ .We Guarantee ,We do not entice you with large discounts (60%) and then Sell refurbished second hand repaired Reputed Brand :s
  • We Guarantee you Original Manikins -Labels-Cartons-Manuals of Original Manufacturers
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SEM Understands

  • The challenges involved in saving life in hospitals or disaster sites.
  • Saving life begins with the right knowledge and appropriate training methods. Saving life begins with appropriate learning and training equipment’s.
  • The supreme importance of quality and excellence
  • The prime importance of affordability to all.
  • Combined excellence in quality, appropriate training equipment’s & right affordability
  • The best and most comprehensive range of appropriate training equipments.
  • Highest world class quality ISO-DIN 9001 Quality Certification Standard Worlddidac Quality Charter
  • Lowest Costs – Factory to your door – delivery anywhere in India
  • Highest medical safety, portability, durability, medical fidelity
  • Certified by world renowned agencies to be “within limits for toxic and carcinogenic contaminations and emissions.’’

Pioneers in establishing Clinical Skills lab’s in India

Over 320 Clinical Skills Lab and 3000 retail customers at various Training Centers and Skills Laboratories Institutions in over 130 cities who have purchased all from one source, SEM Trainers & Systems, over 10,000 Models, Manikins, Simulators and manufactured by 10 renowned International USA UK and European manufacturers.

Sem Trainers & Systems