Our Quality

Since 2000, the 3B Scientific Group maintains a Quality Management System and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. 3B Scientific is a member of the Worlddidac Quality Charter. 

Our Quality Policy:

The purpose of the 3B Scientific Quality Management System is to support the company mission to advance medical and healthcare delivery and to ensure the satisfaction of 3B Scientific customers by meeting applicable requirements and continually improving our company processes and products.

  • Designed, Developed, Manufactured – 8 Plants – Europe Certified Under ISO – 9001 : 2008
  • 190 years manufacturing experience over 9 Manufacturing plants worldwide.
  • Unmatched excellence in Manufacturing Technologies and Methods.
  • 3B Scientific Brand represented in over 120 countries.
  • Original member Worlddidac Quality Charter : DIN ISO 9001 Certified
  • Over 10 Models International Award Winners and 15 Models International Best Sellers.
  • Over 20 Worlddidac Award Winners Best Medical Didactic Education.
  • The largest collection of Didactic based Anatomy Models.
  • Models designed, CAD-CAM Virtual 3 Dimensional Modeling, Designing, Printing.
  • Development process most effective in explaining Medical Condition Optimal Didactics.
  • Judged, Hidden Champions of Entrepreneur Leadership Manufacturing in Germany. “Hidden Champions – Lessons from 500 world’s Best Unknown Companies”, Harvard Business School Press, Massachusetts.
  • Models made from natural original casts molds of original human organs.
  • Designed manufactured from Proprietary soft vinyl based plastics composites. All surface coatings employ certified environmentally safe, solvent free toxicologically harmless Vegetable Dyes materials and paints. No toxic powdery residues as in cheap products of prison labor from Far East Countries.
  • Models unbreakable, washable and resistant.
  • Surfaces look, feel lifelike, like human organs and Visually Anthropomorphic. Sectional representation in different planes showing interior of organs with high quality reproduction of real organs and Designs, Medical Accuracy checked at every stage.
  • Models show high degree (+99%) physiological-anatomical correctness and accuracy.
  • Special Rotational Thermal Castings Process employed for rapid prototyping manufacture.
  • All Designs Manufacturing Processes intricately supervised all staged with benchmark.
  • Quality Standards set by experts for Medical Accuracy and Optimal Didactics.
  • Bone Material and Skin Material carry International Patents and Trade Marks.
  • Supported by Extensive Research Materials and Manufacturing Process Technologies, employing Materials and Process on the Frontiers of Technology.
  • No Wonder 3B today stands for : Best Quality, Best Value, Best Service
  • Manufacturing governed-International Free, Fair, Open, Competitive World Trade Practices

Our daily work is to create innovative products of high quality that inspire you !

Dekra QM Certificate
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