Code Blue® I Multipurpose Patient Care and BLS Manikin, Medium

Item No. 1005782 [W45001]


17.5 kg

Dimensions 110 x 56 x 36 cm
MPN: S304.M



This adult manikin features training of basic and advanced patient care as well as Basic Life Support functions.

Features include:

• Oral and denture hygiene
• I.M. (arm and buttock), i.v and subcutaneous injection
• Ostomy care (colostomy, ileostomy, and suprapubic stoma, each connected to an internal tank)
• Naso-gastric lavage and gavage
• Male and female catheterisation
• Enema administration
• Vaginal douching and pap smear exercises
• Palpable prostate
• Breast palpation (interchangeable male and 7 abnormal female breasts)
• Amputation stump
• 2 decubitus ulcers
• Eyes open and close (one pupil is dilated)
• Regular or counter pulsation CPR (Anatomically painted outline of cardiopulmonary features)
• Mouth to mouth resuscitation
• Palpable carotid pulse
• CPR Monitor: Displays cadence and depth of compression and ventilation

Supplied with ten totally disposable one-piece airways, neck brace, and carrying bag.


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