Life/form® NG Tube & Trach Skills Simulator

Item No. 1006058 [W99834]


9.486 kg

Dimensions 68 x 41 x 26 cm
MPN: LF01174U


The Life/form® NG Tube & Trach Skills Simulator has been developed to aid with the instruction, training and practice of vital tracheostomy skills and care for patients with respiratory conditions. The simulator is also designed for instruction of gastrointestinal care procedures through nasal and oral access. This simulator features realistic landmarks, trachea, esophagus, lungs and stomach. For exceptional realism, methyl cellulose can be mixed with water to simulate mucous-like fluids of a real patient. Fluid can be added to the lungs and stomach for realistic tracheostomy care and suctioning.

The simulator also allows for the practice of the following:

  • Dressing changes and cuff inflation
  • NG tube care, including insertion, irrigation, and removal
  • Gastric lavage and gavage
  • Feeding tube insertion and removal with the ability to practice feeding
  • Nasoenteric and esophageal tube care
  • Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal care
  • ET tube care.

The simulator is designed to use size 6 ET and NG tube. Manikin can be used with Supraglottic airway devices for airway training.

Spray-pump lubricant, a packet of methyl cellulose, and instruction manual are included. The simulator does not include tracheostomy or NG tube.


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