Item No. 1022071 [P71PRO+]
Weight 13.5kg
Dimensions 78 x 39 x 26 cm
Brand 3B Scientific


Prepare student for the real emergency

Performing CPR is tough, quickly strains energy and nerves. However, knowing what to do in an emergency can save the life of a friend, family member or a stranger.

The new Quality CPR training manikin offered by 3B Scientific enables instructors and healthcare providers to measure, monitor and analyze the CPR performance of up to 10 trainees at a time. CPRLilly Pro+ helps instructors increase effectiveness and efficiency in their CPR courses by connecting with the free CPRLilly App on tablet to follow the CPR performance and deliver objective feedback leading to Quality CPR training (App available on Apple and Google play). It also enables trainees to see and monitor their own performance in real-time with the student view of the App. LED lights located directly on manikin’s neck provide direct CPR feedback and indicate correct compressions parameters (depth, release and rate).

The easy to use App lets the instructor and trainees review CPR performance in real-time. Trainee performance can be tested with the results being saved for further analysis and debriefing.

Quality CPR Feedback:

  • Compression depth
  • Compression rate
  • Compression fraction
  • Chest complete release
  • Correct hand placement
  • Jaw thrust and head tilt control
  • Appropriate ventilation volume

Key Training Features:

  • Quality CPR feedback with debriefing history
  • Mouth-to-mouth & mouth-to-nose ventilation
  • Ventilation with face shield, pocket mask and BVM
  • Chest rise with proper ventilation
  • Control of proper airway desobstuction
  • Carotid pulses
  • AED pads placement training capable
  • Free App available on google play and iOS
  • Constant analysis of CPR parameters for up to 10 manikins simultaneously
  • Individual review possibility in group training for more efficient training
  • Adaptable to different course concepts • Simplified student feedback view available with the CPRLilly App

Solid manikin for effective training:

  • Made in Germany of extremely durable, latex free material
  • Face masks and lungs bags can be changed easily without tools
  • Easy to clean with hygienic airway system
  • Runs quietly with efficient power usage and rechargeable battery
  • Stable WiFi connection and intuitive App interface
  • Practical carrying bag with training mat for comfortable practise
  • Dark skin manikin available

Upgrade now and equip your courses with direct feedback CPR training manikins to comply with AHA’s guidelines. CPRLilly PRO+ meets the requirements for direct feedback and Quality CPR in the AHA guidelines: “Instrumented directive feedback device measures compression rate, depth, hand position, recoil and chest compression fraction and provides real-time audio or visual feedback (or both) on these critical CPR skills.”

Delivery content:
1 CPRLilly PRO+ training manikin, 1 tablet, 1 charger and battery, 4 lower face masks, 25 throat bags, 12 AED-Pad adapters, 1 carrying bag with training mat


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