Cricothyrotomy Simulator

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The newly designed Life/form® Cricothyrotomy Simulator has been developed for learning and practicing the techniques necessary to perform needle or surgical cricothyrotomy procedures. Paramedics, EMTs, combat medics, flight nurses, anesthesiologists, and other emergency medical personnel will have the opportunity to strengthen their ability and confidence to perform or assist in implementing surgical airways. 

  •  Anatomically accurate landmarks aid in site training and allow for fast action.
  •  The hyperextended neck allows the user to determine the proper incision site. The trachea in the simulator   is replaceable, as the airway passes completely through from top to bottom. This allows checking the stylet   and obturator placement once the incision has been made.
  •  Complete with a chin and full-size neck, ties can be used to hold the obturator in a secure position. Inflation of the simulated lung verifies correct placement.

Includes the simulator with base, six replaceable neck skins, six adult trachea inserts (four rigid, two soft), six child trachea inserts (four rigid, two soft), two simulated lungs, instruction manual, and hard carry case.

  Deluxe Cricothyrotomy Simulator TruCric Cricotracheotomy Trainer  Cricothyrotomy Simulator
Item No. 1017948 1021893 1005180 1020255
Surgical cricothyrotomy   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Needle cricothyrotomy   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Insertion of endotracheal tube  Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Full use of devices such as the PCK and UPK   –   Yes   Yes   Yes
Seldinger technique Yes   Yes   Yes
Anatomical Landmarks Cricothyroid membrane Cricothyroid membrane, laryngeal cartilages and tracheal rings Cricothyroid membrane, chin and full-sized neck Cricothyroid membrane, chin and full-sized neck
Review airway anatomy Yes   Yes
Realistic soft skin Yes Yes
Confirm proper placement of endotracheal tube Inflation of lung indicates proper placement Inflation of lung indicates proper placement no Inflation of lung indicates proper placement
Simulation features
• Allows for an adult as well as pediatric cricothyrotomy
• Includes adult and 3-year-old tracheas

• Neck skin can be rotated on the model allowing up to 20 incisions
• Larynx insert allows 1 surgical cricothyroidotomy and 3 tracheostomy procedures
• Up to 36 incisions on each unit
• Up to 18 mini tracheostomies
• Assessment of styled and obturator placement (replaceable trachea)


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